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“A Break Through From Traditional Stained Glass Art”

John Pacheco


John was Born in Attleboro, Massachusetts, John entered the US Navy after graduating high school.

After serving for 24 years in the US Navy John retired in November 1985, attaining the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer.  In the Spring of 1986 John relocated to Asheville, NC.

John brought a stained glass lamp shade to a local shop to be repaired. The owner told John that it would be cheaper to take lessons and repair the lamp himself. John took the lessons.  After taking the initial lessons John also took the advanced lessons; the mold was set for his future in stained glass crafting. After two months, John was hired to work in their shop.

About two years later, John relocated to Jacksonville, FL.  His love for glass crafting continued.  John did most of the Jacksonville River Walk Art Shows during the 1990’s and received 2nd place for one of his original design pieces. During the past 29 years John has showcased his stained glass in many local shops throughout the Jacksonville, FL area.

John’s glass work is predominately “copper foil” technique which allows a glass panel to take on a more narrow line allowing a better flowing look to the piece. This is especially useful for using very small pieces of glass to become a part of the design, whereas the “lead” technique gives a rather bulky look and very small pieces cannot be used.

John’s art work has evolved from small sun catchers in the beginning to room divider panels and many large commissions.

John enjoys the challenge of creating new designs.  His ideas continue to evolve from the traditional stained glass panels to now designing sea shell and glass panels. John now creates his own designs of free form glass and sea shell works that break through traditional stained glass art and brings new sea life images to beauty.  Many of these sea shells are collected from local Jacksonville, FL beaches.